AST was established in Mar.1999, the company's leading operation include valve design, manufacture and sales. AVC was established in Jan. 2010, and fell together with ASTIC for the parent company, the company's leading operation include design & manufacture of Wafer Type Check Valve Series & Metal Seat Ball Valve Series. Our company by ANGLO JAPANESE AMERICAN REGISTRARS TAIWAN LIMITED ISO - 9001 in June 2011, and plan by CE & API in 2013. For expansion of the Japanese market demand, and Japan branch was established in Nov. 2004, It's mainly responsible for sales, and a quality assurance section warehousing and delivery. The Company towards stability and professional quality is the main direction and strategy. To establish an independent AST & AVC brand and marketing East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East market. Find OEM and ODM partners, and plan to market to Europe and America.

Centerline Wafer Valve Supplier

Established in 1999, ASTECH VALVE CO.,LTD. has developed into a leading player within the centerline wafer valve market. Our company is one of the market leading centerline valve, center line butterfly valve brands that can be found all over the world. Our ambition is to stay in front and be a leading enterprise. We operate worldwide, configure, service products, and also provide logistics support to deliver products and services competitively. That’s why we’re already working on the next industry innovations. For more details about our centerline wafer valve, please contact us immediately.

Water Type

Centerline Butterfly Valve

We provide Butterfly valve, Flange Type Valve and Manual Valve with high quality and competitive price.

  • Flange Standard.:DIN2501, BS10-D,BS4504, ANSI B16.1, B16.42, JIS B2239
  • Valve Tested: API598
  • Face to Face: DIN3202-K1, EN558-1 20 SERIES; BS5155
  • MSS SP-67

    Hydraulic Test
    Class Liquid Sgell Test Liquid Sgell Test Air Seat Test
    Mpa Mpa Mpa
    CI - 125LB 1.5 1.1 0.6
    DI - 150LB 1.5 1.1 0.6
    CI/DI - 10K 1.5 1.1 0.6
    CI/DI - PN10/16 1.5 1.1 0.6
  • ASTECH VALVE CO.,LTD. extends its range in the field of centerline wafer valve with the new centerline valve, center line butterfly valve. The product range is even suitable for normal industrial environments as well as for hazardous ones. Furthermore, we take its decades of experience making centerline wafer valve, centerline valve, center line butterfly valve for consumers around the world. We have established strong customer relationships by providing innovative, user-friendly and high-quality products that are manufactured in our sound infrastructure.